March Break Camps

This week the studio has been open even though it’s March Break.  Many students opted to take the week off to spend time with their families away from the piano.  We did have the option of make-up times for our students this week, and we offered a Toddler Camp.

Our Toddler Camp was 2 days and focused on rhythm and listening.  Toddlers have a very short attention span and so the camp was an hour in length with a snack and piano break.  We played games, make shakers and rhythm patterns, played different instruments and learned about basic rhythm.

A few of the games I used were inspired by Little Beethoven’s activities.  I used rhythm cards from Layton Music and took buckets from last year’s camps with pictures of animals stickied to them.  The students had to clap the rhythm and figure out which bucket had the right animal to match the rhythm.  Two eighth notes went into the mon-key bucket, one quarter note went into the cow bucket, etc.  The students loved to sort their rhythms and parents enjoyed this activity because they could do it at home.

We made shakers the second day and the students covered them in glittery stickers.  The shakers were the highlight for our students.

Check out Layton Music’s site for the rhythm cards and use royalty free clipart for the animals or other pictures!


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